Along the Way is a non-profit faith-based organization. We provide affordable, reliable, high-quality in-home childcare services to the children of single mothers working or attending school/training during nights and weekends. A mother qualify for these services based on financial need.  Read more about our Services to see if you qualify or if this might interest someone you know.

In addition to in-home childcare services, we will offer and/or partner with other organization to provide: 

  • Parenting skills workshops
  • Getting Ahead workshops
  • Counseling, mentoring and /or training to help women navigate life's challenges

OUr Vision

Our vision is to offer acceptance, community, and hope to women along life's journey. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage growth, maturity and community in women and children through a series of experiences and programs designed to better equip them for: parenting, navigating life's challenges, and positively impacting their community.

our story

Our story began out of a passion to help women. This passion is fueled by our belief in and response to the gospel of Jesus Christ.