In the state of Pennsylvania, there are an estimated 325,000 single mothers that are solely responsible for providing for their children. Of these single mothers, approximately 40% have an income level below the poverty line. For the last 25 years, families in poverty have spent roughly four times the percentage of their income on childcare as other families (30% vs. 8%). In addition to the economic hardship, trying to find reliable and quality childcare, when working hours outside of a standard day shift, often results in a patched together assortment of childcare arrangements, which are not ideal for the children or the mother.

Along the Way is hoping to changes these statistics. We raised $75,000 in the beginning of 2016, opened our doors in July of 2016, and to date we are currently servicing four single mom and their children with the help of our fantastic caregivers. We recognize that we are not able to do this without your support. THANK YOU to everyone who donated, prayed for us, and for words of wisdom! Moving forward, we need to continue to raise funds in order to keep the program going and to expand our services. Please help make a difference in our community by contributing to the expansion of Along the Way’s services.

As of March 2017, our leadership team evaluated our pilot program - where we did well and where did we came up short - and made plans to move forward. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Staying the course by providing services to 3-5 clients.
  • Implement educational opportunities on "Getting Ahead" course in partnership with other agencies, a parenting course, and a mentorship program for our clients. Are you interested in being a mentor? Let us know
  • As an organization, build and execute a strong fundraising and marketing plan. We are working with VEC (Volunteer Executive Consultants) a group that offers help for growing non-profits especially as we look to expand our board.
  • We recently hired a part-time development person, Hillary Schultz, to help us focus on grants and fundraising. She has hit the ground running and we could not be more thrilled.
  • Our current financial position is a need to raise $75,000 to keep going through the end of 2018. Partner with us.

We are excited to see where God leads, how He will provide the the funds and the right people to help us Along The Way! We know it will be better then our wildest hopes and dreams. No amount is too small! Partner with us today!