How much does it cost to sponsor a family?
ATW will match you with a family and may provide you with a personalized list of their most pressing needs. ATW requests donors to commit to a minimum donation value based on the # of people in the family; it can be a monetary donation, gift cards, or other items as needed based on their wish list.

Cash donations are placed in an account managed by ATW for the family, to be accessed by their coach for specific needs such as gas/electric, car repairs, gas and other emergencies. All checks will be made to Along The Way.

There may be event-specific times where you can help provide back-to-school items, Holiday gifts. Other items such as basic pantry suppliers, warm winter clothing, baby items and paper products are needed. Gift cards are also welcome; we provide you with the names of stores convenient to our families.

Recommended levels of support “may” look something like this:
$50/month for a family of 2 or $600 per yr
$85/month for a family of 3 or $1020 per yr
$115/month for a family of 4 or 5, or $1380 per yr

How long is my commitment?
The mothers are working toward a long-term goal of self-reliance, which can take years. We ask donors to commit to a 1-yr period of support. That said, there may be times where we’ll need event specific sponsors during certain times of the year.

Can my group (Church/neighborhood/Troop) sponsor a family?
YES! The Embrace-A-Family program is the perfect opportunity for schools, faith based groups, and businesses to give back.

How are families chosen?
The families are pre-selected because they are already enrolled and participating in the program. We will also include those on our waiting list.

Can I choose my family?
While you can’t select a specific family, you can request to be matched with a family based on size, area of residence, or family with young children. We value the security and privacy of both the donor and the recipient families.

Can I contact my family directly?
For the security of both family and sponsor, ATW will mediate communications between both parties.

For further questions, contact: